Stolen identity

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I have a kid, and as most of you parents, one of my biggest fears is The Internet
¨Will I be able to protect my kid for all the dangers out there?¨ ¨Will I be able to teach him the right use of it?¨ ¨How will I do it?¨

¨How will I do it?¨

Well, not too long ago, I found out about Lifelock a company that specializes in identity thief protection. They are doing a lot to keep kids safe online with their Smart talk site, so I decided to do a bit of research about it and start working on it.

Having a younger brother (11 years younger than me to be specific) I worried about this issue some time ago, I remember that internet was in every single house and my little brother started to demand using it. I asked my parents how they were going to make sure my brother didn´t have any trouble using it (as I felt like a mum and I wanted to make sure he was protected).

They said they were going to use some simple rules and a great talk:

  • Talk to him and inform him about all the dangers that the online has.
  • Talk to him to let him know that he can always come to us (parents) and let us know if a something messy is going on.
  • Put in writing some rules to follow:
    • Manage the time he spends online.
    • Limit the access to certain websites.
    • Random check on the history

¨Simple rules and a great talk¨

Well, some of you might think this is something that must happen between parents and kids that are about to start using internet, but sometimes is not that obvious. That is why  ¨The Smart talk¨ is a great tool and a fantastic starting point.

I now, have a little boy and I think that is a great idea what this website has put together. If you go to you can have that ¨talk¨ with your kid and make sure everything is understood before starting using some devices.
You will find some questions that need to be answered between your little one and yourself as parent. And the best thing is that you will do it together.
When you finish answering all the questions, you have the option to print it and stick it on the fridge, so is never forgotten.

I really believe that this website is a great beginning when one day, your kids come home from school, asking you to get them a device or internet connection because all their friends have them.
It gets that talk happening easier and cooler than on a traditional way, making your kid part of the decisions instead of feeling that you are imposing all your ideas leaving him out of the loop.
The way used is so approachable that the kids´ mind is way much open so it is easier to make them understand the dangers, rules, use and everything surrounding internet and some devices.

My kid is actually starting to exteriorize his own thoughts and sooner than later he will come home asking for this, but I will be prepared for it as now I know the best tool to get into an arragement with him… A tool that will keep him safe and that will keep me confident thinking about his safety.


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