What is your style?

So… let’s talk about others… We are all different in many ways but when kids are involved… OMG! the box of Pandora opens. Every mom is different, but I am sure you can be classified in one of the styles mentioned below or maybe, you have a mix of a few of them.

As you know, I am a mom, but I can’t believe how mums can be sometimes… we don´t realize that most of new mums are as lost as we were when we had our little one and that they, most of the times, only

need support and not orders and critics.

First type of mom that I found around the world is the ¨Show off mom¨.
This is the kind of mum that will tell you how good is her baby because she/he never vomits, she/he is never sick or because she/he poops at the same time every morning…

So what? Mine poops whenever he wants so he keeps life interesting and exciting, you never know when an explosion could happen.
Those are the mums that are proud about things that are out of our control, because let’s be honest, a baby will poop whenever she/he feels like it (and as soon as you get him a clean nappy)

Then we have the second style, the mums that give you advise constantly (even if you haven’t asked for it).
You might be thinking, what´s wrong with that? Who doesn´t like to improve if they are doing something wrong? Well, what is not ok when the way they use to tell you things makes you feel you are the worst mom on Earth, even if they are trying to help…

That is why I call them ¨bad feeling moms¨ (because every time you see them you go home having a bad feeling inside you) Look at your manners women!

The third style I found is about those moms that don´t give a shit. They seem not to care about what their kids are doing, they don´t care if they are burning a building down, if they are biting another kid, if they are jumping all over someone else furniture, if they are destroying the restaurant where they are eating, etc.

I know that sometimes kids are not easy to deal with, because they grow up and they start to have their own opinions, but these kind of moms give their kids too much freedom.
I actually don´t know how those kids survive without any supervision.

That is why I call this moms ¨the Mowgli moms¨

Forth style is opposite to the last one. Moms that shout and scream to their kids for everything and panic about everything. Those moms won´t care if they shout in the middle of a coffee shop just to call their kid to come closer.

But let’s say this, is not the same to be loud than to be respected.

These mums are included in the “panicking moms style”

On the fift style we find a group of moms that is pretty relax, they don´t rush and they talk very calm to their kids. And as far as I have experienced, those kids are normally better behaved that the ones from group number four. These moms will listen to other mothers and they seem to understand each different scenario, even if they do things completely different they will respect your point of view.

That is why I call them ¨the approachable moms¨

Then we have the sixth style, the ¨sorry mums¨as they will say sorry to everyone for everything their kid does. I have to say that sometimes we can´t help it and we apologize to that person sitting in the table next to us in a restaurant because our kid is saying “hello” constantly to them. But as moms, we don´t realize that most of the time people don´t really mind those kind of ¨interruptions¨ as kids can be very cute and friendly. (Is not like you toddler is sitting on their lap and eating their food). Stop saying sorry that often!

But then we have my favourite mums, the ones that make you feel you are not going mental, and that most of things are just phases that everyone else are having, because we are all different but very similar at the same time. Those are the kind of people we need around all the time and even more when we feel down, crazy and lonely. They know how to use the right words, they don´t seem to judge you for your actions, as every mother, father, family is different and they know how to give you advise in a way that you will take it into consideration.

That is why I call this group ¨the caring moms¨

Thank you moms!!!

Then I found the last type of moms, the ones that have read every single book, internet article and paper. This isn’t right or wrong, but they can find you and answer to every single question and doubt you could have. That is why I call the the “handy mums” because they can inform you about everything you don’t know about pregnancy, motherhood or kids in general.

So, knowing all these different styles, I can say that I’m quite of a mix of a few ones, as sometimes I find myself saying sorry too often but being emphatic and trying to understand other moms in different scenarios. But I’m not saying that I have never critisiced anyone else, I’ve done it (a bit more before having my own kid) now that I have one and I’m experiencing what is it like, I have to swallow my words.

That’s one reason why I’m writing this blog, so mom’s don’t get judged for everything they do, because believe me when I say… This isn’t easy… at all!


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