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In one of my short and last trips to Brisbane, I catch up with my good friend Cecilia. She has a baby girl a bit younger that my kid. We end up talking about the very beginning and reminding those moments when our babies were just born and we had to feed them ever 2 hours.

We were laughing because we recall doing everything just with one hand.

You spend a lot of time with your little one by yourself, cuddling him, feeding him, getting him/her to sleep… and he/she starts to be an extension from your body.

I remember one time when I went to have breakfast. I ordered a juice, a coffee and a yummy full breaky… BIG MISTAKE! I had the juice without any problem and then my coffee, but when the food arrived… OMG! I had the little one on me because it was feeding time, so how was I going to eat all that food?

img_6556Well, I can tell you that I end up eating every single piece on the plate, but it was also a great scene to watch…. I also can’t erase the look on the face from the man siting next to me. He was looking at me like, “OMG, she is a super woman” (I could not be more agree)

That is why, when a new mom to be asks me for advice, I always say that while you are pregnant it’s great if you can cook some meals and get them in the freezer, so then when you are by yourself with the new born, you won’t need to be cooking.

Also, having healthy snacks that get you full energy is another option (fruit, veggies cashews, almonds and similar are a very good idea)

So all moms around the world, keep yourself healthy and full of energy to get through those sleepless nights! YOU ARE DOING GREAT!


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