First times

Para la versión en español, pincha aquí Primeras veces

Well, this topic is a bit melancholic, it is a bit sweet and sour, but what can I say? Every time my kid discovers, does or says something for the first time makes me super happy, but it also makes me realize that the surprise on his face from his discovery means is growing up.

I was thinking about writing a post just dedicated to the very first words my kid said, but then I thought about all the other things he is doing and experiencing for the first time and I couldn´t resist.

I remember that at the very beginning, when he was a new born, he was only sleeping, eating, popping, reset… Sleeping, eating, pooping, reset… the most exciting thing that happened was one night, when we run out of clean cloths and we had to dress him with a pair of socks, a big t-shirt and the nappy.

But as soon as he started to be just a little more independent, he started to discover a whole world of opportunities and amazing things.

He first discovered his hands… OMG he was just sitting there, looking at his hands, amazed by the move of the little fingers, licking them like if there was no tomorrow!
And what do you think I was doing??? Well, I was hiding just behind him, recording everything with the camera and with a huge smile on my face, bigger than Julia Robert´s.

Then he discovered his feet, he was also tasting them, just to make sure he wasn´t missing anything good in life, you know… (¨thanks God he isn´t walking yet¨ I thought by that time)

I still remember the first time he smiled, the first time he laughed, the first time he said ¨mama¨, the first time he said ¨papa¨ or when he started crawling…

And then I realized how innocent, healthy and good kids are. When they are this little, they don´t do anything to bother, they just do it without thinking any further, they just do it without thinking about the consequences.

It´s amazing how they really enjoy little and simple things.
I was in love, but watching him experimenting new things made me be madly in love.

In my case, there is also something that fills me with joy. Having lived overseas and going to a bilingual daycare, it is incredible when my kid comes home ¨talking¨ in two different languages (even if it isn´t very clear, us moms develop the same language that our kids talk and we can understand them to perfection)

But I also remember one time that we went to the beach to watch a competition. We prepared some sandwiches and snacks. And I remember feeling so proud looking at my kid, standing there, eating the sandwich all by himself.

Nowadays, we are starting with potty training. The first time he pee in the toilet I was almost crying! How can something that basic, that adults do every day, be so exciting when it is a ¨first time¨?

And I have to admit, I´m jealous of my kid sometimes. That purity and innocence that only little kids have.

Those discoveries that aren´t important for adults, but that mean the world to our little ones. Those first times, when we reach for the remote that daddy doesn´t let us touch, when we learn how to splash in the bath, when we try an ice-cream and is cold, when we pat a puppy, when we bite a lemon and it´s sour, but it doesn´t scare us, we just want more, more ¨first times¨, more first discoveries, more first adventures, that make us grow little by little, full of hope, leaving a smile on our face and lovely memories.


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