The very beginning…

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What a coincidence, writing this post around mother´s day, that is when, two years ago I found out that I was pregnant. The very beginning…

I remember when my husband and I started to talk about having a baby.
It was something that we both wanted, but never really talked about it ¨very seriously¨.

One day, I went to the ladys´doctor and she started asking me heaps of questions like… ¨What are you using not to get pregnant?¨, ¨Are you thinking about having a baby?¨, ¨Are you in a serious relation?¨
I don´t know how did it happened, but she ended up giving me a brochure with information about ¨what to take in consideration if trying to get pregnant¨
And then is when I started ¨very seriously¨ to picture me with a baby.

After reading it, I left the brochure on the kitchen table as I wanted my husband to see it.
I have always wanted to have babies so when my husband arrived from work, he thought that I asked the doctor about this on purpose.

We talked about it that date, saying out loud what we were both thinking, we both wanted to be parents so we started trying…

After just 2 months, I got pregnant.

I remember that one day, just a few days after getting pregnant, I was in my lunch break in the office and couldn´t stand the perfume from one of my colleagues (I even had to turn around)
Then, a few days later, my body was asking me to eat something salty… I even thought about going to the kitchen and just eat a pinch of salt, don´t judge me I didn´t have anything else around)
One night after this, I was watching TV with my partner and my boobs… OMG! they hurt sooooo much, but I didn´t take it into consideration.

Then is when on a Saturday in May (just before mother´s day) I was laying in bed and started to Google ¨How to know if you are pregnant¨ and then I read something that made me think I was… ¨Just before menstruation, your body craves sweet, but when pregnant, it normally craves salty¨, then I read about ¨sore boobs¨ and ¨feeling nauseated¨ so I added all of them up and realized that I was pregnant.

I went food shopping and when going through the ¨health and care¨aisle I saw the pregnancy tests. They were just calling my name.
I was so nervous and excited that I just took the first one that my hand could reach and put it in my shopping basket.

I went home and I could feel that I was getting more and more excited about it. When I took the box out of the shopping bags I realized that I had bought 3 pregnancy test (it was a box with 3 of them inside). Well, if you think about it it wasn´t that bad, at least I was going to make sure that the result was the same 3 times.

Then I thought, ¨Should I wait for my husband?¨
He was working but coming home at lunch time.
I waited for a little bit, but the butterflies inside were getting into my nerves and I couldn´t wait any longer.
I took one of the sticks out and pee on it. It said you had to wait for ten minutes, so I went into the shower to try not to think about it.
Those ten minutes were looooooooongggggg.

I looked thought the shower glass and I could see there was some pink color showing in the stick. I started cleaning the glass to be able to see clearly.
OMG! I couldn´t believed, after only 2 months trying I was pregnant.
I was so happy that I started dancing and singing while finishing showering. I was even talking to the future baby inside me.

I came out of the shower and dressed up as I had to go pick up my husband from work in a very short time.

Then I thought using another pregnancy test, ¨Why not using a second one to make sure the prediction is right?¨ I thought.
So that is what I did. Second one… same result. OMG! This was real! Yihaaaa!!!

I went into the car and head to my husbands´work. Those fifteen minutes, were the longest fifteen minutes of my life. They seemed like one hour, at least.

I finally arrived and picked him up. I didn´t want to tell him while I was driving, but my smile and excitement was so big that I couldn´d wait.
He was in shock, in a good way. He couldn´t believe that what yesterday was just a thought and a plan for the future, today was real, it was happening… We were going to be dad and mom.


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