Memories´ box…

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This post has a lot of variety, as I’m referring to memories that are worth remembering.

I don’t even know where to start from… So many stories that you can tell everyone about being a mom… Experiences, new things that you learn every single day, anecdotes, funny facts…
But I must start saying that most people are very considered and generous when you have a kid.

I remember one time… it was early in the morning and I was going to travel from New Zealand to Spain with my 4 month old baby by myself. I remember some workers from the airport and the airline that helped me so much that I even wanted to cry, of happiness, of course. And I can say that those things stay in your heart forever and make your day and life easier.

I remember being in the car park from the airport super early in the morning. I had all my luggage on the trolley and I was ready to push it until the check in, when this lady came to me and offered to help me (honestly, I needed a hand). She took the trolley and started pushing it to the airport. She was going to work at that time but she didn´t have any trouble taking all my stuff till we arrived to the check in area. All this effort with a smile on her face and a really nice conversation. She will never imagine how thankful I was and I will always be for that gesture.

I also remember in Abu Dhabi´airport that a ground staff helped me to fill out all the paperwork regarding leaving and entering countries, to pick up my luggage and to do it with a really friendly attitude, even being 2 a.m.

I also would like to mention that every time that I go to my favorite coffee shop in Auckland, my kid and I always get a free chocolate.

Something to mention is that when you are having a ¨not very good¨day, where you are exhausted and you need some support, but your family is far away, this kind of situations and people´ actions just make your day shine and get that smile back on your face.

This is why I would like to dedicate this port to say THANK YOU to all that great people around the world that give without expecting anything in return.

Below I quote some of the anecdotes and experiences that ¨my moms¨ have in their memories´ boxes.

¨Something anecdotal… The doctor tied me up when I was giving birth and I said to the him: you don´t need to, I´m not going to escape¨
Itzíar C.

¨I changed the date when we were moving houses because it was going to be to close to the birth of my daughter, but she decided to come to this world on that same date. At the hospital they thought I was a single mom because my husband was taking care of the truck with all our furniture instead of being there with me¨
Paqui D.

¨My bobos have not and will likely recover. After nursing two babies I no longer have breasts that are sexually appealing. They are smaller, droopier and one is now bigger tan the other, Gone are those days of showing cleavage. I´m now seek stain resistant clothing.¨

¨My husband, he attended my birth as he was the midwife, poor thing, he didn´t go away for a second¨

¨I was 23 years old when I had my first kid, I didn´t know what to expect, but having a 5 kilos baby was like… uf! I thought I was going to die. I can´t say it was a nice experience for me because I had a though time.¨
Inés D.

¨During my labor there were heaps of anecdotes. I was past due so they had to induce my labor. Finally, and after more than 24 hours, I got a cesarean. My husband was so nervous that he went to the toilet and shaved his chest just in case he had to hold the baby skin against skin. And he wasn´t wrong, because he had to do that as they had to stitched me up.
Another funny fact was that with the epidural my legs where totally useless, couldn´t move them or feel them and every time that the midwife came to the room, my husband had to help her bending my legs because I wasn´t able at all.¨
Maria B.34

¨The first time my kid walked by himself I was the proudest mom in the world ¨
Maria F.

¨During labor I felt sleep and my partner and the midwife had to wake me up to push.¨
Itxaso I.

¨The first thing my kid does when he wakes up is ask for ¨baba¨ that is my dog that is called ¨Stich¨
It is just an unconditional love¨
Zeltia G.

¨When I saw my baby for the first time… instead of having that connection that other moms have I just thought – OMG, it is impossible that this fat and Chinese looking kid has came out of my body-  I thought this just for a second but I will always remember it.¨
Silvia A.

¨Every birth, woman and kid is unique, what works once could not work next time. With my first kid I was a ¨book mom¨, I followed everything that was meant to happen every single month, but with my second one I just listen to what my daughter asks and needs and it seems to be working.¨
Kasia S.

¨I always tell the same story… When my daughter was born and the midwife was going to give her to me I asked her to clean her first¨
Araceli M

¨Funny fact… I knew I was getting pregnant at the time I was making love, an inexplicable feeling.
During my labor, I had a doctor that was attending his first birth. He was going to Africa to a charity organization and had to experience one birth before going there.
I had my daughter in 2 hours and a half, dilating from 2cm to 10cm too fast and without epidural… I felt that pain for a long time afterwards.¨
Gisèle G.

¨I gained 18 kg during my pregnancy and after giving birth a friend of mine told me that she had a nightmare with me where I was exploding next to her. At least she told me later on, hehe.¨
Mónica S.

¨I like to have nice breakfasts, if I go to a hotel they lose money with the buffet and me. Anyway, when I was pregnant and going to have a scan with my husband, I remember asking him to go somewhere for breakfast after it and before going back to work. But where we had the scan there weren´t any nice places so we had to go to a lame place. When my husband turned around to ask me what I wanted, I was crying, just because I wanted to have a nice breakfast.
Another one was that the scans never show if I was having a boy or a girl, but doctors always said that in their opinion it looked like I was having a boy. When I gave birth the doctor said ¨she is a lovely little girl¨and my husband and I were shocked as we were expecting a boy. Thanks God we painted the room in yellow, otherwise…¨
Cristina M.

¨That she always recognizes her mom.
And every time that daddy shaves his face and get a haircut she cries. Daddy has decided not to have a haircut for a while XD¨

¨For me, having kids was like going to an undiscovered path where kids surprise you everyday. Today, one of my daughters was imitating me like when I scold the other one.
But if I have to say something anecdotal, I will emphasize the kindness of Italian people. They have always tried to help me with the little ones even if they didn´t know me at all, making things easier and valuing everything that have done in my situation, with 2 kids and no friends or family close by.
I remember in Catania one day that started raining and a woman stopped next to me and asked me how I wanted to do it, wait till the rain was gone or put on the rain coats. She didn´t move from my side till we were all good.
Or when in the hospital we had to go for a scan for the little ones, and when they realized I didn´t know Italian and that I was by myself, they got his couple to stay with me and come with me to the car park.
Or when a waitress offered me to swing the pram so the babies won´t wake up and I could have a peaceful lunch.
Or when in some restaurants they don´t care that you are going with 2 kids and they even invite you to tiramisu or nutella panini, because they know you need it.
And not to mention the 3 families that helped me to get out of the plane, or the airport waitress that invited the girls to have free orange juice and all those persons that congratulate me on the good job that I am doing.¨

Ana P.

As you can see, the majority of the quotes are positive. It is true that having a baby change your life, but if you weigh up the hard times and the good times I can assure you that your memories´ box will be full of those moments that put that lovely smile on your face.







2 thoughts on “Memories´ box…

  1. Que bien volver a leerte Laura.Os cuento mi anécdota. Después de 10 años casada, decidimos que nos sentíamos preparados para ser padres, la lástima fue que coincidió con que me descubrieron problemas de tiroides, que complican y mucho la fertilidad. Yo no me dí por enterada de esta complicación y nos pusimos mi marido y yo en modo”vamos a por ello”. Tras varios meses, y después de una fiesta de fin de año memorable, me quede embarazada. No tengo ni idea de porque lo supe, pero yo sabía que aquella noche me había quedado embarazada y efectívamente en febrero me lo confirmaron y empece a vivir una de las temporadas más felices de mi vida: mi embarazo. Aunque conocía las complicaciones que suponía mi problema (un tiroides mal regulado puede hacer que el feto tenga unas malformaciones incompatibles con la supervivencia del bebé) decidí confiar , relajarme y vivir la situación como una experiencia maravillosa. Siempre me ha preocupado mi sobrepeso, pero por primera vez en mi vida lucía en la playa con un biquini fucsia, con orgullo y placer, mi bronceada y enorme barriguita de 8 meses. Como el embarazo era de alto riesgo, planeamos la cesárea un jueves de septiembre. Pero ya sabéis que la vida no siempre cuenta con nuestros planes y me puse de parto el lunes anterior. Eran las 7 de la mañana cuando fui al baño y fui mojando todo a mi paso. Yo pensando que tenía incontinencia y estaba rompiendo aguas…jajaja. Encima, tenia todo preparado, menos haber guardado una compresa para ponerme al romper aguas para ir al hospital ( Claro, que yo no pensaba romper aguas… donde se ha visto eso en una cesárea programada, jajaja!). Como solución de emergencia, le dí la vuelta a un pañal y me lo puse sujeto con esas enormes bragas que llevamos durante el embarazo… jajaja, todavía me rio cuando lo recuerdo. A las 12 nació mi hija, gracias a una de las mejores personas que he conocido, mi mentor durante la niñez, mi coach durante la adolescencia, mi ginecólogo, mi apoyo incondicional: mi padre. Pero como ya sabéis que no hay buena anécdota de embarazo que no contenga una explosión hormonal, esta no iba a ser menos: para la cesárea me pusieron anestesia general, después me llevaron a la UCI. Allí me desperté unos minutos después de llegar sin saber como era mi hija. ¿Estaba bien?¿No le faltaba nada?¿No le sobraba nada?Pregunte a las enfermeras, necesitaba saberlo. Solo me dijeron que tenía que esperar a que mi ginecólogo llegara. Mientras, mi ginecólogo se había quitado la bata y ya en su papel de abuelo primerizo se había ido con mi madre, mi hermano, mi marido y mis suegros a celebrarlo por todo lo alto a una marisquería cercana.Pasaron 3 horas horribles oyendo a las enfermeras que no pararon un momento de cotorrear. Os podéis imaginas cuando por fin aparecieron mi padre y mi marido y me confirmaron que todo había ido bien y que teníamos una niña sana, la que les monte, con lo calentita que iba y las hormonas a flor de piel… jajaja. Lo dicho, una experiencia única y maravillosa.

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    1. Elena, me encanta tu historia!
      Me encanta el q le vieras el lado positivo y disfrutarás de ello al máximo, como la experiencia única q es estar embarazada.
      Me encanta la situación de tener q usar un pañal! Está claro q hay ciertas cosas de las q nadie de avisa q pueden pasar!
      Me encanta q lucieras cuerpo y barriguita con ese bikini fucsia!
      Sin duda, una pero q muy bonita aportación al blog, con un montón de anécdotas q estoy segura harán sonreís a más de una mamá!
      Mil gracias!


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