My crazy living room.

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Hello everyone!

This is just a small post that I would like to share with you to show you how my day ends…Everyday…
First of all I just want to say that before having a baby and when going to visit some friends that did already have children I used to think
¨OMG, how can they have all these toys around? Whenever I have a kid I´m going to be much more organize…¨

Well, I learnt that when kids are involved, you can’t talk… Because you don´t know how you´re going to be as a mom/dad or how your kid is going to behave.

Anyway, going to the point, my house looks pretty tidy every morning, but at the end of the day… boom! Is like a bomb has exploded inside (probe below)

Some people will say that my kid has to many toys, others will say that is my fault as I’m not teaching him to behave…
Well, I can say that I’m happy having a crazy living room at the end of the day. I just love playing with my kid, let him explore and discover! Sometimes I even hide toys around the house so he can find them when he goes exploring.
But this doesn´t mean I don´t teach him boundaries and what I think is wrong and right, I do it, but now is the time when he can be a kid, so I let him be.

I admit that I end up the day so tired that I just want to go to bed, but is totally worth it. Is totally worth it to see him getting excited with a teddy bear or loving to put different shape toys into the right holes.

I just can say that I love my chaotic living room at the end of the day.

Moms reading this… are you all in the same situation? or something similar?


4 thoughts on “My crazy living room.

  1. Where do I even begin!!! My house is a complete mess! Our Christmas tree is still up!!! To be honest I think it’s great that they have lots of toys, you don’t know what they’ll like or what will stimulate them until you try so it’s excellent that you keep exercising his mind. It’s beautiful to see how they develop and how their minds work. They’re full of surprises! xxx

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