Best thing of being a mom?

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Well, I will start with a very simple question, which sometimes has a very complex answer. What’s the best thing about being a mom?

95% of moms asked this question answered straight away… and the common answer involved ¨love¨


Well, in my personal experience, I have to say that while I was pregnant and I talked to moms or went to the birth classes, everyone use to tell me the same thing

¨You´ll see, as son as your baby is born and you see his face, you´ll feel an unconditional love for him, something that goes through your body that you haven´t felt before¨

Let me say… That didn´t happen to me!!
After 15 hours of intense labour without epidural, my body and brain were just thinking about resting, not loving. But this is not because I didn´t love my baby, this is because I couldn’t stand up any longer before fading.

From all those persons that I talked to before having the baby, ONE, only one, told me

¨Don´t worry if you don´t feel like everyone says, in love first sight when you see the baby, it doesn´t have to be immediate. As soon as you have the baby, you will be a mess of feelings and hormones, so don´t think for a second you are a bad mother¨

After a year of giving birth I still appreciate those words. Thank you Carrie

But going back to the point and the question ¨what´s the best thing about being a mom? ¨ Some of the moms asked, shared this answerers with me:

¨There is a person now that you are going to love more than your own life¨
Amalia S.

¨The best thing is the love that your kid gives you back
Estefanía R.

¨It´s a dream come true. Something that belongs to the meaning of life, to give sense of why do we exist. Love beyond love.
I remember thinking, I love her being a baby. Everything goes so slowly, her fingers moving, when with a few months she looked to her hand … Then, I remember when she was one year old, I used to say, I love this age, when she is discovering every single thing…
And every year was the same, I remember loving every single one.
I also remember loving giving her massages and reading her at night time¨
Gisèle G.

¨To realise that a tinny little person can teach you more things that you could have never imagined. And to realise what is unconditional love¨
Itzíar C.


¨The most beautiful feeling seen your flesh and blood grow up and you know you can be selfless¨

¨The satisfaction and the love you feel the moment you see the face of your baby. It´s that strong that all pain goes away as soon as you see them¨
Paqui D.

¨The best thing is that whatever happens, you will never be alone in this life. I believe I gave birth to this little person that came with a blank music score and I´m the one writing all the musical notes so I hope in the future she knows how to combine them logically and with common sense so the final result will be a piece of art.¨
Araceli M.

¨Is that whatever happens, whatever my day has been, good or bad, I always have a cuddle, a kiss and lately, ¨I love you mum¨ without asking¨
Kasia S.

¨He can be getting off my nerves, or I can be tired, but as soon as you see his smile and how happy he is, you forget about everything else¨
María F.

¨The best thing are his smiles every morning and his unconditional love¨
Mónica S.

¨Is when he kisses me and hugs me tight and then he looks at me with that smile¨
Zeltia G.

¨One of the best things is that you can see yourself in them. That´s impressive. But you can also see the bad things, so that´s not very pleasant.
In my personal experience, I can see improvement. Is magnificent seeing that your kid is better than you. Is just great and I love it. Because that´s the key, to improve

Cristina Márquez

¨That smile every morning just after waking up. She looks at me, smiles, hugs me and touches her nose with mine. I love it.
But also, from the moment I felt/listen her heart inside me I knew that being a mom was going to be the best¨
María B.

¨The best thing is watching him grow up, his development every day and the result of all your effort. Every smile and every loving act for you, you just melt inside and makes every minute worth double.¨
Silvia A.

¨That feeling that has woken up in me of infinite love for this little person that lives and is dependant of me. You are all her world.¨
Itxaso I.

¨The best thing is when I play with her and she smiles back to me, when she talks, when she is in the cot about to cry and then she sees me and changes her face to a big smile, when we are having a walk and strangers come closer to say hi and she can´t see me so she starts to pout and cry until I come in front of her and she sees me again. When she does something and I know exactly what she wants, hold her, cuddles until she finds the right position (always the same) so she can relax and sleep. The best thing is that with every kiss I give her she will laugh and start having a conversation with me with a lot of ¨gugus¨

¨The pure and innocent sweetness that they suddenly give you. A kiss, a smile, a hug. Whatever it is the little moments of pure love make it all worth it¨

¨I think that the best thing of being a mum, it´s being a mum, with all the consequences, foor the good and the bad things¨
Inés D.

¨The love, I don´t think I could live wihtout it. I adore it!¨

As you can see, most of the answers have a common factor, love, in one way or another, but LOVE.

In my personal experience, I can say that the best thing of being a mom is seeing your child grow healthy and happy. Nothing fills you heart with more happiness than seeing your kid well and full of joy. It´s just enjoying the little moments that makes this experience so unique.

I hope all these little quotes from mothers all around the world in different situations give you a better understanding about the feeling of being a mom.

And if you want to know more, don’t miss next post on the 31st of December!

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